Monday, September 19, 2016

Lies Of Omission

12 Round Productions announces the documentary with a working title of Lies of Omission.  This is a film investigating the voices of freedom and justice ignored or defamed by the media establishment.

The media no longer operates as a source of information, but rather a source of disinformation or misinformation.  The Presidential Election of 2016 has exposed the media establishment as little more than propagandists for the political elite. In most cases the media establishment works hand in hand with the government to obscure damaging statistics, promote illogical policies and cover for policy failures.

There are two sorts of lies, those of commission (an outright lie) and those of omission (lies that are promoted by omitting truthful information). The media establishment is engaged in both lies of commission and omission, but by far the most damaging is the practice of manipulating public opinion through the lies of omission.

There are those who stand up to this sort of deceit. Today, they are bloggers and investigative researchers who have been doing the hard work of exposing the injustices of a government no longer held accountable by the "free press."

Lies of Omission goes into the dark corners of the nation to present the voices of those who speak out against the obfuscation of the media establishment and government collusion. They speak for freedom and have been involved in exposing major political scandals.

This is a non-partisan effort that recognizes that all political parties and media conglomerates are guilty of this sort of cooperation and those left to suffer the consequences are the people, who are left deceived and fed false and misleading statistics that guide them to elect political figures preferred by the elitist class.